Romanian Photography

This is a pretty hard subject to discuss and even harder to develop, at least for me. I am afraid I do not have the ability nor the expertize or knowledge which the Romanian photography needs, in order to be explained and linked to the time brackets which shaped and formed us as a nation. Without explaining the historical facts regarding a certain time frame or period, the result will end up into the worst case of  conjecture.

Untitled 1

King Charles I of Romania , who ( at the time of taking this photograph, was His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Romania). Taken most probably by Carol Pop de Szathmary in 1877, on the battlefield of Pleven in Bulgaria, during the Russo – Turkish Balkanic War of 1877-1878. HRH Charles I was leading the Romanian troops, a brand new and untried by combat army of the Principality of Romania, established with only a few years previously. Photograph courtesy of .

Truth said, I do not have neither the education nor the fine art sense which may form a professional in this artistic preoccupation. So it’s about time I give this learning a try, since it would appear that photography fever (even at amateurish level) is not entirely consumated, without at least a decent understanding of the background of it.

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