Bacau – old photographs set 1

Still going on, this project of mine. Seem that pictures or postcards of this city are harder and harder to get by, and the reason could be that there are not so many out there in the open for grabbing. Many I guess never scanned their stash of photographs, or simply, it could be that there were never too many photos taken of this city(rather small even now).

These are a mixed lot, old and not so old. Bacau is shown during the 1900-1944 and some pics from 1950 to 1980. Tg. Ocna is shown from inside a time frame between 1900-1940.

Learn here about Tg. Ocna’s history and facts, and also the history of Bacau. The pictures attached are not my property and I do not hold the copyright for the images.

Al doilea set poate fi vazut aici:

primaria si palatul adm



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