I have currently 3 projects going:

  1. making a Minox album of the city I live in (Bacau)Link to walls
  2. starting a new, 2014 street photography albumLink to walls
  3. Reviving my old Minox-dedicated website,

The first project is somewhat sentimental, regards my old city and it should be rightly so. After all, I was born and bred here. I remember the old city, during the “golden” communist years, if there was ever such a thing: old houses, the old city center with its small shops, kept by old-fashion vendors, the old city market with its yells and smells and spells, the good old days when food was plenty and for everyone (not like in the later years), the colors of the city park when spring came and red was the predominant color, those beautiful years of my childhood when you think this will be going on forever, the feeling that you belong, friends which now are gone old as you have…oh, believe you me, this city hs its memories embedded in my memories forever, until such time I will be gone from this life into a better one.

Coat_of_arms_of_Moldavia.svg 220px-Stefan_cel_Mare 402px-Actual_Bacau_CoAThe city is quite old. Bacău emerged on a ford that allowed water passage, and was established as a market town in the XVth century, in the then Principality of Moldavia. It was granted market rights by a bill from the court of Stephen the Great.

Untitled 1

Anyways…this project came into being after I viewed an old album in both photographic images and motion picture (yes, that good old 16mm BW), made by a professional, back in the 60′ and 70’s, for his own archival purposes. This movie is still around, in chunks that is. Probably for upload economy purposes, the original footage was split in several parts. No idea if the film parts are all there.

This film was part of a larger project, conceived by one of the photography masters in Bacau Mr. Lucavetchi. He carefully filmed and collected these proof of an older cit. My thanks and praises go to him.

Anyways, take a look and visit my home city the way it was back then, in the 60’s:


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