This is my second camera of Silette series; the first was bought while living in the UK, late 90’s. It was a simple Silette with Prontor SV and 1/250 max aperture. Good camera, simple, easy to operate and understand. For me, a beginner in classic cameras, was a good chance to learn and educate myself. Oh, those good old days, carefree, young, etc etc etc :-))).

This Silette L was found and bought in a thrift shop here in Bacau. Extremely good looking and clean(ish), shutter operating as it should, film advance lever free; all in all, an interesting camera. More, the meter was extremely responsive, even a tad over-zealous in reading (is that even possible ?)

Introduced around 1956 in Germany by Agfa, this camera has shutter speeds B to 500 uncoupled, set in a Compur Rapid, lens is a Agfa Color-Solinar 1.28/50, with aperture from 2.8 to 22. Clear lens, clear viewfinder, distance knob was a bit stiff, but a few drops of Ronsonol and a tad of elbow grease took care of that.

agfa silette L (1) agfa silette L (2) agfa silette L (3) agfa silette L (4) agfa silette L (5)

The meter is set to read in EV, obviously. And after checking with both my trusty Weston Meter III and my spot-on Leningrad 4, it does read too eager. What gives here? Selenium meters are supposed to run out of power after a while, not improving over the years :-))). Oh well, I believe I can live with this.

I could not find a manual, so if you got one, consider sharing, please? Thank you!

I’ll put a roll of Kodak Ektra 100 in this camera, and take it to a stroll, see what it can do. I have heard good things about the lens, so I guess I’ll post results here.