I have bought this camera a long time ago, and I never had the chance to use it. I took it out on a trip I just made the other day, in the mountains near by my place.

Not very heavy, is a real pleasure to shoot with. The Prontor SVS is a very reliable and stout player: I like the sound, crisp and strong. This sounds really makes you feel like this camera means business. This is very solid camera, a real fighter if you are in danger of being mugged :-).

The Novicar Anastigmat lens is a fast(ish) 2.8/45mm, max speed is 300. B is present as well, no T though. A self timer and cold shoe is present, also a PC input for the flash cable, if you so choose to employ one.

Film transport is smooth, release is a a astounding crisp sound. There’s no rangefinder, you have to scale or zone focus.

Light meter is offering a measurement of EV scale, and the meter of this particular specimen is fully working as it should. This is luck, since not many are found in working condition.

DSC_7188 DSC_7190 DSC_7192

Line of Zeiss Contina cameras (copyright goes to http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Contina )


You can download the manual from here.