Updated post with 8×11 scan mask.

julian tanase

This is what I use for scanning my 8×11 negatives. It’s not the best machine on the market; heck, it’s not even half the best ones.But it does its job quite nicely so it’ll remain my main film scanner until such time I will invest in a more powerful and fancier one.

Untitled 1w

  • Small picture film scanner
  • Optical resolution: 7.200 dpi (according to manufacturer)
  • Color depth: 48 bit
  • incl. film holders for slides and 35mm filmstrips

I have modified the 35 film holder to accept 8×11 negatives ( black tape and black cardboard did wonders). I always keep the holder in a dust-free zipped bag.

The OpticFilm 7200 is capable of scanning 35mm slides and negatives in an optical resolution of 7200 dpi. This in combination with the very fast scanning and the USB 2.0 high-speed connection enables the low priced OpticFilm 7200 to compete with various professional film scanners.


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