Yes, that’s right. The gallery attached down here is showing Romania, as it was before the  WWI and up until the early 40’s.

I haven’t categorized anything; because Romania cannot be drawn up in a category. It is wild, medieval, simple, quarrelsome, uneducated, at the far border of the civilized world. It is also unbelievable complicated, gave the world some of the best examples of science and literature, populated with a nation of people proud and with a good sense of humor. It was dubbed to be ” a Latin isle in the middle of a Slavic sea”, which is pretty much true.

So, yes, Romania is everything you want it to be, as long as you do not expect to find a Paris or London – flavor here. It is what it is, and visiting it, you need to keep an open mind, so you can fathom the foundation layer of this country.

Yes, “eclectic” is the right word for Romania…check it for yourself and visit.