The Braun FS-120 is a very excellent film scanner for 35mm films and medium format films. It stands out by a very good image quality and a very high scanning speed. With an effective resolution of 3270 dpi it is the first scanner, since we have been testing film scanners, which achieves the nominal resolution (3200 dpi) in practice by 100% and even exceeds that. In our film scanner shop the Braun FS-120 and additional Braun film holders are available from stock.


The Braun FS-120 beats its direct competitors Reflecta MF-5000 and Plustek OpticFilm 120 because of its very fast scanning speed. In terms of image quality the 3 scanners lie at a similar level, then Braun FS-120, however, is a bit ahead. Anyway, the Braun FS-120 cannot keep up with the professional medium format scanners from Nikon or Hasselblad; these high-value scanners play in a different category. Also in a different (much lower) category there are the flat scanners with transparency unit from Epson, Canon or Microtek. The Braun FS-120 beats these flatbed scanners in all areas.

Due to the very good image quality, the extremely high scanning speed, the well working automatic dust and scratch correction function and the achievement of the nominal resolution by 100% in practice we can declare the Braun FS-120 as the top recommendation for a medium format scanner in the middle price area at the moment.

(Text and image are excerpts from FilmScanner‘s website)