I have bought this camera at a flea market, together with its leather case.

Camera is in almost pristine condition; the Prontor SVS shutter is working very well and didn’t need to be coerced into action. Lens Novicar Anastigmat 1:2.8 / 45mm clear, no scratches or blemishes. Leatherette intact and clean, no sign of dings, dents or other impact traces. Draws the film smooth and fires like a dream.

Now, it is my understanding that, although only the wording “Contina” can be seen on the camera, it is actually a Zeiss Ikon Contina II or IIa. I learned this from Butkus’ website.

One thing though: when I first opened the camera, of course I was most interested in the light meter’s condition. It was stuck fast and it didn’t moved. Well, I said, you win some, you lose some.

However, later that day, I took the camera and went on my house loggia. Pointing the light meter to sun directly managed somehow to jog the needle, and voila! The meter started to work. Amazing.

By the looks of it, this camera is ready to be put to use; I’ll do just that and get back to you guys with some results, if any.

The manual can be downloaded from here:

A very good page for this camera can be found here: