This morning, I took a stroll in the city and in the window of a small shops selling second-hand junk there was a plastic bag, containing:

– Minox C white led
– Minox C leather case almost minty
– Minox C chain, straight and almost mint

– Minox C4 flash attachment, in original leather case and box
– Unusual carrying box of Sylvania cubes
– Der Minox Freund, no.20
– Minox C manual (German)
– Minox C color leaflet (trifold) in German, for accessories (zubehor)
– Minox B manual (German)
– Sylvania cubes and bulbs
– Minox color film 100 ASA in unopened box

I paid 8 EUR for the whole lot; good finding, good day it was.

The camera had the battery corrosion thing, usual for those stored and forgotten; luckily, the corrosion never made it to the wiring inside. Once battery removed and contacts cleaned, I inserted a fresh PX27 in the battery compartment, and voila…camera working. Speeds are accurate as far as I can see, and led lighting. Serial is # 2385855, which makes it manufactured in 1970. No special marking anywhere on the body or inside.

Flash had the batteries badly corroded; I removed these. As far as I can tell,m I cannot see corrosion being transferred to the wiring or onto the contact blades. As I have no fresh 625 replacements handy, I’ll have to check on this later.