julian tanase

Summer of 2002. The sales person in the photo supplies shop in Watford Herts, (where I was residing at the time), advised me to buy as many rolls of APX 25 as I could…the film was going to be discontinued. I didn’t believed him, I thought he was trying to squeeze a good sale from me.

Bad move, not following his advice; around the time, I was usually buying mainly Techpan and Ilford Pan F+50, with a small numbers of APX 25, every now and then. Most of it went into Minox cameras, and a few rolls were chewed up by an Olympus 2n, my camera of choice for 35mm then.

I didn’t believed him; starting my photo hobby in a serious manner at the end of the 90’s, I didn’t had to go through the pain of seeing film going for good, as the major film getting scarce and…

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