julian tanase

Long I have waited for decent results from Adox CHS 50, purchased last year in a bout of renewing my film negative stock. I have heard so many good reports about this film, so I wanted to give it a try myself.

Not only that, but I also dared to buy a pack of Atomal 49, to have the complete folly; although reports about this developer were pretty impressive, I failed to see why; the negs were all muddy and grossly grained. I thought at the time that it must be probably me, with my clumsiness and amateurish approach towards this film. I still believe that, as far as my pride and truth goes.

I had tried anything I could throw at it: ID 11, D-76…no good. Results were sub par with anything I used to get out of my usual films. So, at the time I thought I’d better…

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