Zeiss Ikon, Contax, Contarex, Ica, Wirgin, Edixa, Exacta, Praktica, Pentacon, Goerz, Contessa, Contina, Ihagee, Praktina, Ikonta, Piccolette, Cocarette, Nettel, Lloyd, Icarette, Tenax, Tengor, Maximar, Nettar, Super Ikonta, Contina, Symbolica, Contesamatic, Exa…

These above and many others are names which are red-hot branded in the history of photography. Prized and cherished even now, collectables or users, they are still with us and still giving tremendous joy and astounding results.


In a word, they make life much more bearable and fun, which is something we should (and are) grateful for.

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532-16

I am not in the habit of writing much when the obvious is, err, obvious. However, this I must say: if not to these people and their indomitable passion for (almost) miraculous solutions in inventing and building fine mechanics…to whom then can we thank for the cameras which we are still using, long after their makers are gone?

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