For one accustomed to our modern way of life, ever rushing on for 24 hours and living what little was given to us by God to spend on this Earth in a too busy stampede to see where are we and what we are really living for..those days of Kodak seem , well, a fairy tale.


But those days did exist; they were the times of our grandads and grandmas, with their slow ways of taking all in by really listening, really looking and really SEEING the things for what they were. These were the days of human calm and tranquility, care and friendship amongst neighbors, of evenings spent indoors when family gathered around the magic box, listening or just reading. Yes, reading…you see, this was something people used to do. Not nowadays, no. We’re too busy scrolling our MP3 players for the most recent mumbo-jumbo noisy thing.

And yes! Those were the days when a tinkerer managed to invent a contraption to make photographs, tried to do it to the best of his abilities and then manufacturing it in such a fashion , that those cameras are still around after 100 years and still working like new out of the box.

That is what I would call a skill lost now; or, perhaps not a skill, more like a care, a devotion, a dedication of sorts to your fellow who works his butt off to scrounge enough to buy a decent camera, which breaks in his hands after 2 days of just looking at it.

If this is what we now call civilization and progress, give me 1900’s again, with good and bad. I think I can handle all the bad they had; hell, I am a citizen of the 2014!