Of all the cameras one might own, the Minox is far and away the most “spooky.” It has long been valued by spies because of its small size and high-quality optics. Thus the fact that there was a Minox camera at the Paine residence where Marina lived and Lee Oswald stored his possessions is hardly something conspiracists could overlook.


But did it belong to Lee Oswald, or to Michael Paine? Dallas police confiscated what they said was a Minox camera on the weekend of the assassination and sent it to the FBI, but the FBI said that what they received was a Minox light meter. Conspiracists say the FBI was lying and covering up, but can’t produce any evidence other than the testimony of the Dallas cops that it was a camera rather than a light meter. If this is true, the FBI forged an elaborate paper trail of internal documents saying that they had a Minox case (not a camera) and a light meter.

To complicate matters, Michael Paine clearly owned a Minox camera, but he said he gave it to the FBI in January of 1964. A Minox camera remains in the National Archives to this day, but is it Lee Oswald’s, or Michael Paine’s? Film from a Minox camera was recovered from the Paine residence on the weekend of the assassination, and when developed it contained photos taken by Paine. The Dallas police inventory lists a Minox camera, a case for a Minox camera, and rolls of film from a Minox camera, but not a Minox light meter. But the relevant Dallas Police evidence photo shows a Minox light meter among the items recovered. Did the Dallas cops fail to list to light meter, or did they call it a “camera?” If the latter, that would explain why the FBI claimed to have no camera, but rather a light meter. It’s also the case that it would be easy to confuse a Minox camera and a Minox light meter.

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