Italy, last week, traveling on business as usual. On the outskirts of Rome, a small car boot sale affair was thronged with people.

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Went in, thinking ” just a peek, no purchases”. My office and cabinets are already to the brim with vintage stuff, no need aggravation from the wifey 🙂

The first stall had amongst the usual rubbish, an item which looked like a Minox leather case. Nah, not possible…but my hand was already rummaging thru the pile of junk I was standing in front of. And there it was, an almost minty Minox B, case and all, with no chain, but I have some spares :-)).

The price was …15 euro. At that price, nobody is haggling, right? So I didn’t and paid the,err, owner ( I very much doubt that he ever used, owned or knew anything about photographic equipment, vintage or not).

So, without further due: the B is of 1968 make, the type with no Wetzlar engraving, and from the probably last batch using the Complan lens (in 1969 or so, the new Minox lens were being installed in the new cameras).


Serial #967807. Green and ND filters, metric, meter of honeycomb type.




I had the Minox IIIs and both of my Minox meter (which I know is spot on) and the Weston Master III. To my amazement, the B’s meter is copying the readings on both meters. But this is no surprise; it is known that, while the Selenium meters decay over time, if kept in the case for long times, there is a good chance that some meters might work satisfactorily. I myself have 3 B’s and on two of them the meter is not more than 1/2 stop against my new-celled, calibrated WMIII.

Viewfinder a tad (extremely light) haze, but that is almost not to be noticed. and it can always be changed with a new spare by DAG.

All in all, a good day in “la bella Itlalia”…