There are times when, due to business travel, or even on personal grounds for holidays, one visits places outside his regular travel pattern. Sometimes work or pleasure takes you to places where you discover good or bad things. This is the case here: I have arrived, by mistake or faith’s own design, to the small city of Piliscsaba in Hungary. Piliscsaba is a village in Budapest metropolitan area, Hungary, located to the extreme northwest of Pest County near the border of Komárom-Esztergom in a valley between the Buda and Pilis hills. It is accessible by Road 10 and lies on the Budapest-Esztergom rail line, 24 km (15 mi) from center of Budapest. The surrounding hills are 200-400 meters high.

We stayed at Napkorong Fogadó, a wonderful “panzio”, situated on the outskirts of Piliscsaba, in a woody terrain, with hils spreading left and right, air clean and crisp in the morning.

Silvester, the owner, and Suzanah, his better half, were perfect hosts; smiling and courteous, extremely polite and well-mannered, were a joy to meet and know. Silvester has a Marriott experience, of working for 15 years for this brand in the leisure industry; this says everything, when it comes to customer services and hosting.

We were treated like kings; starting from ordering a custom menu for our breakfast (everything fresh) to being given the key to the entire property for using as we see fit, the experience was magnificent, to say the least!

Visiting the Pázmány Péter Catholic University with its unbelievable architecture, is a must. A public university of the Catholic Church in Hungary, recognized by the State. Founded in the 17th century, the PPKE is one of Hungary’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education. The university has five faculties and two institutes. Three faculties and an institute is located in Budapest, the Faculty of Humanities is at Piliscsaba.

You can reach Silvester and Susanah here, and we highly recommend you to do so!