Managed to put together the various types of batteries employed in our Minox cameras. While on this site there is another page with this subject, I do believe this chart is easier to view and to understand this battery business.


Feel free to let me know if clarifications on a battery are needed; I will do my best to help you. However, the chart is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, therefore you’ll be safe in following it.

Do not forget: when camera or accessory is not in use for over a month or so, take the batteries out and store them in a cool dry place. If it doesn’t say “rechargeable”, then it does mean do not mess with it, whatever your inner DIY tinkemaster may tell you. Just don’t.

And above all, do yourself and your camera a favor and buy a fresh battery once a year. Your camera / accessory will be thanking you by staying alive for many years. After all, it does have feelings, you know.