I use this flash with almost every pre 70’s cameras I have. A very good unit, and a reliable one. Fast recharge, AF illuminator, compact.

From my own short experience with this unit, two things spring to mind: 1) I like its size, it’s about the right one for my liking and 2), what I dont’ like is the stand-by function of this flash; after 1 minute it goes offline and you have to wake it up by jogging the on/off again. This is annoying (mainly because one may forget to do this, and take the shot without flash on), but is not its fault. Designed to work with Minolta/Maxxum cameras, when on such camera, the half-pressing of release button wakes up the flash. When used n a X contact like I do, there is not way to wake up the thing.

More on this flash, Ken Rockwell’s very good review here.

minolta flash

Download the manual here.