Jimmy kept his promise and finished the work on the cassette. Actually, the work on it was almost over at the time when I was writing my first review of the cassette. All that remained to be done was:

  • darken the inside of both of the film chambers ;
  • lining the light traps with felt;
  • run trials in several Minox cameras;

He did so over the period of the last 2 months and here we have the first, Jimmy Li’s fully operational 8×11 brass film cassette; indeed, usable (at least theoretically) in all 8×11 cameras. Some non-Minox 8×11 format cameras may have difficulties in accepting this cassette, therefore jammings may occur. So, do try this cassette on your own risk in other cameras than Minox. That been said, Jimmy’s prototype of this cassette was tested in  Minox B, AIII, BL, C, LX, without any problems. Apparently, Riga has difficulties in accepting this cassette, so be warned if you wish to use it with this camera.

Inside the film wells, a black fiber layer has been affixed, in order to prevent film scratches and such. The fiber layer is not abrasive and it will keep the dust to enter the cassette. The layer is also affixed onto the lips of the cassette, so emulsion will not be damaged when film is transported onto the take up spool.

Without further due, I give you Jimmy Li’s 8×11 metallic cassette.

jimmy cassette 1

jimmy cassette

Chrome-plated, brass made 8×11 cassette.

For those interested, Jimmy has started to accept pre-orders. Please inquire on prices and such, send him an email message : jimmy101cactus@hotmail.com .

…..review will be continued….