Strange, unusual or straight from looney house. Many far from what we would call a photographic camera. I wonder how many inventors put their life’s savings into what appeared to be “the camera of cameras”, believing that their contraption shall bring something revolutionary onto the photographic equipment market of their times? Probably many more than we know. Some were in it for the money, some for fun, some for whatever reasons, such as boredom, or fun or even having a good idea badly represented or applied. One common factor is that they all left a print in the history of cameras, even if their machine never went beyond the prototype phase. Well, some did succeed, some didn’t. Without further due, enter the weird cameras universe. Do enjoy!


This awesome multi-function device includes a 110 camera, a flashlight, a clock, a stopwatch, a dual time zone indicator, an AM/FM radio, and a small storage compartment. The Weekender was produced from 1983 by the Harrodsburg, Kentucky-based Hendren Enterprises, but it had serious quality issues and it was expensive (sold for $75 in 1983, that’s $176 in 2013 dollars!), so Hendren wasn’t in the Weekender business for very long. (via John Kratz/Flickr)



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