Two items here, two accessories which have seen quite a usage in the days of my youth: the Winder 2 and the manual adapter for OM10. While the manual adapter can only be used with OM10 series, the Winder 2 can be used on several camera models from the OM system. Seen here, OM10 camera with manual adapter and winder attached.


The Winder type 2

I used to have it attached to my OM 10 on a regular basis. I grow older, so not very often used nowadays, too heavy for my taste. And anyways, my wife’s using my old OM10, and she simply hates the winder :-). Having said that, a very useful item.


This compact and lightweight winder for most Olympus OM manual focus 35mm SLR cameras (see below) gives continuous winding at up to 2 frames per second, depending on the shutter speed, with a choice of single shot or continuous winding modes. This is ideal for fast moving subjects such as sports, children and even portraits where you want to take another picture quickly as the subject changes expression. It also means you don’t need to take the camera away from your eye to wind on – especially useful for people who use their left eye for viewing.

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The OM10 Manual Adapter

It does what is says it does: simply lets you have access to manual shutter settings, so you can choose a different speed than the one dictated in Auto mode by your camera, should you desire doing so.


Once you insert the adapter, like so:


Your camera should be working in manual mode, providing you switch this lever from the Auto to Manual position:

Untitled 1

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