So, as of today, this blog becomes officially , under WordPress administration. A necessary move, since the last update, which occured in 2002. I loved the name, invented by me when I first purchased this domain in the UK, being hosted at that time by AOL. For clues on what the hell I’m talking here about, check my first Minox website, made in 1998 on Freeservers UK,

minoxit was lost when I failed to renew the domain in 2004 or 2005, I cannot remember. And ever since, I longed to get it back. This is a fait accompli now, and I probably will never forget to pay my dues.

A secondary website has been already opened at , but this one is under construction, and has been so for the last year. I intend to put more work behind it.

OK then. This thing aside for now, I have s**tloads of Minox and 16mm film to process. Looking forward to have them results uploaded here. Soon that is.