There is a lot to say about the efforts of this well intentioned Minox society. I’m not going into that right now. I had my ups and downs with them people, mostly because of my doubts on their biased or not so biased approach to unknown Minox photographers during the MHS photo contests of 2005/2006/2007.


As a fellow member who sent in his portfolio, I wasn’t having any wet dreams about being a nominee for the final contest. And rightly so, I am sure those who won these contests were much better photographers than me and my kind. However, as a society, I wuld have wanted to see at least a prize going to a newbie; it would’ve showed good will towards a Minox fellow who is marching along with his fellows, taking the troubles to achieve good results in their stride.

Instead, all or almost all prizes went to well known members of the community; if you check the winners in those yearly contests, they actually swapped places among them. X was a contestant, and Y was judge – X wins. Next year, Y is a contestant, and X judge – Y is winning. Now, I don’t say there was a fraud or anything like that. But facts are facts and if this is so, not good!

Time has passed, as it always does. I am not a member of MHS these days (and I do regret it). But every now and then, I try to visit the old place, to see if they are alive or what is going on on their calendar, and so forth. Sadly to say, almost nothing.

I do not know why is that. They surely are still Minoxers, at least those who were very close to Minox GmbH. So, what gives here? Lack of time?Lack of interest? Lack of money to keep the thing going? No idea…

I am affixing my 2007 Minox contest entries here. Hope you like them pics, because obviously they didn’t at that time :-))).


Such a pity they do not organize these contests anymore…