Came across a well-used Minox B camera, at a garage sale last Sunday. This camera was not only very used, but also abused : viewfinder loose, distance dial loose, shutter speeds dial frozen, in a word: completely useless.

When opening the old thing, a Minox metal cassette inside, badly corroded. Unknown film brand, so I I have decided to go for a ID-11 for 1+1 @ 8 mins.

The film was severely damaged, and on top of that, looks like the camera was dropped in water at some point in her life: the corrosion in the meter housing was horrendous. The film well was also badly corroded, no serial to be discerned.

Anyways, managed to squeeze some 6 usable frames from the entire film. I have posted these here, frame V1 to V6. The film roll was found to be glued, due to emulsion decay, making most of the film unusable.

The film shows some mountain location, not idea where. It could be in Romania, but this is more like a gut feeling wiht no proof whatsoever. The vehicle shown in one of the frames could be a 60’s Fiat vehicle, or some similar looking. Could be even a Moskwich or a Lada of USSR making, very popular in Eastern Europe during the 60’s/70’s.

Anyways, founding this camera in Romania is an amazing thing in itself: extremelly scarce, due probably to the fact that one was not allowed to own such a camera under the communist regime.