The Bessa folders were part of a range of Bessa cameras produced in Germany by Voigtländer over a long period. Voigtländer is rather famous for re-using and recycaling trademarks and camera names. For instance there are various “Bessa” models out there that are in no way similare to the pre-war Bessa. It is therefor more difficult to gather proper information about particulare models in the Bessa line. This article will feature as much reliable information about the “pre-war” models as possible.


The Bessa was the first production model of the Bessa line. Produced between 1929-1956 by Voigtländer The Bessa is a medium format folder that uses 120 Film to produce 6×9″ photographs. It’s the best known and the most sold of all the Voigtlander cameras with estimations as high as 575,000 cameras made. It was the first self-erecting camera offered by Voigtländer. The Bessa was produced with four different lens types: Voigtar, Vaskar, Skopar, and the Color Skopar.