Just joking…Mao never owned this camera :-)). I do.

Bought in Germany, at a jumble sale for 2002 Xmas, near Augsburg, land of Bavaria. Good and bricky camera, dim viewing glass, hesitant shutter.

The Seagull 4A is a 6×6 TLR camera for 120 roll film made in Shanghai, China by the Shanghai Camera Factory. It was introduced in the late 1960s to complement the 1964 Seagull 4, and is reputedly still in production 40 years later.

seagull 4A

The Seagull 4A have right-hand wind-on crank with automatic frame counter, and it may be considered a Rolleiflex copy, but with 34mm filter threads only. The fixed finder hood, which has the Seagull logo on top, consists of two parts that open and folds without trouble. It has a built-in action finder and a critical focusing magnifier. The finder screen is plain without any special focusing aids. The finder optic is a nameless serial numbered 1:2.8 / 75 lens, while the taking optic is a HAIOU-31 SA- eight digit serial numbered 1:3.5 / 75 coated lens.