It would appear that this camera was the result of the combined efforts of opticians and mechanical engineers from IOR (Romanian Optical Institute from Bucharest). The first prototype emerged in the mid 50’s and was branded as the “OPTIOR”. Optior was the first camera of IOR, a metal-bodied viewfinder camera for 43x55mm frames on 120 roll film, produced between 1954-60. It had an IOR 75mm (or 60mm) f/11 meniscus lens and a single-speed shutter, 1/25 +B. There were several variations of body and front plate.


The Orizont Amator followed, in the 60’s. I have strong doubts regarding the design originality of this camera; resembles too much to Revue or Porst with identical features (see this camera). Anyways, not very popular with Romanians. Now, extremelly scarce in this country, and probably only a few hundreds are still left on the market, probably way less than that. Two variants appear to have been produced:


It sported a fake light meter window. The rest of: optical viewfinder, shutter with speeds 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/300 plus B mode, focusable “Fotoclar 300” 40mm f/2.8 with weather symbols for aperture setting, shutter release button, film wind lever and rewind knurl, were real, but marred by severe issues of final product control.

Orizont Amator

There were Orizont Amator cameras fitted with a Trioclar lens around 1970.

Not a serious user, this Orizont Amator camera was behaving worse than a Smena 8. Nonetheless, part of my growing up and hence it found a place in my collection.

This camera was an all-metal model, it sported a T, 25, 50, 100 shutter speeds. Lens was a Trioclar, 1:3,2 / f=50 three uncoated elements, of Romanian design and manufacturing.

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