When Zapp devised the Minox daylight developing tank, he did a helluva job. This particular one has been in my possession since 1999, and is still intact and perfectly usable.

Minox tank old type

Is of the old type, loading 50 frames negative. The new ones (well, new from the 80’s, since they are not anymore manufactured) accept 36 frames, and they come with an adapter ring for 50 frames. I am not very fond of these “new “ones, since I have the feeling they do not feed the chemicals fast enought throughout the tank.

Minox tanks

Obviously, the first models of Minox tanks are commanding very high prices, in their hundreds of euro. I am talking about the famed Minox Riga sets, in which the Riga tank is a desirable piece of Minoxiana collection.

Here, two Minox tanks aside. The Latvian Riga can be seen in comparison with a regular Minox tank (“new” old stock).


Minox Daylight Developing Tank manual here.