The Kodak 66 was a self-erecting folding camera with telescope-type optical viewfinder and a shutter release button on top of the camera body. It was Kodak‘s only post-war folder for type No. 120 film rolls, making twelve 6x6cm exposures. It was manufactured in the UK by Kodak Ltd. between 1958 & 1960.

Kodak 66 model III

The Model II, shown in the photo above, has an 75mm f:6.3 Kodak Anaston lens, mounted in a three speed Vario shutter. The improved Model III version has a 75mm f:4.5 Anaston lens in a 5 speed Velio shutter. It also has a double exposure prevention device, and a film reminder dial, neither of which are present on the Model II . There was no Model I, and it has been suggested that the camera was originally to have been called the Rapier.