In need for a real Leica, what a man can do? Buy a poor-man’s Leica, obviously.

The Zorki was the second Leica II(D) copy produced by the mighty Soviet photo industry. Krasnogorsk plant joined FED in the “Leica” business in the late 40’s. The very first Zorkis made by KMZ had FED engraving next to Zorki (named FED-Zorki, quite rare now). From the early 50’s Krasnogorsk was on its own, and many successful LTM rangefinders were made until the glorious line of Zorkis was ended in the mid 70’s.

Any Zorki RF camera accepts the whole range of Leica threadmount lenses.

The original Zorki evolved into Zorki-2, Zorki-S and 2S. Another line was started in 1951 with the Zorki-3 (3M, 3S, 4, 4K). Zorki-5 and Zorki-6 were in production for some time, but were outlived by Zorki-4 and 4K.


This Zorki 1c has been given to me by my uncle. He purchased it in 1956 or thereabouts, fresh stock imported from the USSR. At that time, this camera price tag was 500 Romanian lei, which was a small fortune.

It needs a good CLA: rangefinder is misaligned, shutter curtain weak, lens housing needs to be looked upon and strengthened, and so forth. I’ll send it soon to the doctor.