Yeap…back on Earth for us. Maria and me just arrived after an excruciating 16 hrs driving thru Austria, Hungary and almost half of Romania. Geez, that tired me just by writing it down…

Every time ( and I mean EVERY bleedin’ TIME) we return to Romania, it’s a nightmare. Why the green is greener in Ungarn for instance, than here? Why the roads are cleaner, without cow shit spread on the asphalt like butter on a slice? Why God,oh why? I know why: this country of mine stinks when it comes to discipline and cleanless. That’s bloody why!

Kapfenberg castle, a real treat for us. A very nice example of a medieval architecture, built for & by the “Herren von Stubenberg” in 1268.


Sitting on the edge of the cliff overlooking Kapfenberg, one can imagine how the castle guards felt doing exactly the same thing, but 800 years ago. I loved the feeling…


See what I mean? All right then:-)